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What to expect

Somatic yoga classes with Penny are mainly floor based and focus on integrating mind and body through a series of specialised brain-to-muscle repatterning exercises. Sequences are performed in a slow conscious flow and are designed to enliven the entire musculoskeletal system, invite gentle cardio vascular stimulation and significantly increase vital energy.

In time, joint flexibility, muscle tone and overall agility will improve considerably, but this is not the aim of the practice. Instead, the intention is to listen to the ever-changing needs of the body, whilst becoming aware of the complex interplay of mental, emotional and spiritual expression that make up our present moment experience. 

Classes are adapted to suit the uniqueness of each group, with participants encouraged to move at a pace that feels right for them.

Please let Penny know about any injuries or medical conditions you may have before the practice starts.

'This Somatic Yoga is just the best thing I've ever experienced body-wise, instantly effective, relaxing and easy-going too. I'm lucky to have discovered it.' - Barry Evans, YouTube Subscriber

Something for everyone

Online Classes


60 min sessions for all levels

MONDAY 7.30 pm

Click here to join online

FRIDAY 10.15 am

Click here to join online


Then payment by donation

Contact Penny for details

Last 2022 class Friday 16th Dec

First 2023 class Friday 6th Jan

Private Sessions


30 min, 45 min or 60 min sessions

(fees negotiable)

£40 an hour Penny's home studio

£50  an hour client's home

£15 cancellation fee within 24hrs

Includes a combination of:

General Practice

Yoga Therapy

Hanna Somatic Exercise

Well Woman Wisdom

Stress Management 

Relaxation Techniques

Chair Yoga

Authentic Movement

Partner Yoga

Spiritual Mentoring

Sharing Circle


7.30 - 10.00pm online

An opportunity to come together and support one another within the context of a soft, cycle conscious yoga practice. Sessions include menstrual, lunar and seasonal awareness, personal discussion and somatic movement to enliven creativity and life force.

Closed group, currently full. Please get in touch if you'd like to go on the waiting list. Minimum commitment 3 months, £30.

'Monthly medicine for the soul.'

- Claire E, Chorley

All levels and abilities welcome

Members Only Classes

MONDAY  11.30am

Hurlston Hall Leisure, Ormskirk

TUESDAY 3.30pm

U3A Mawdesley

THURSDAY 10.30am

Hurlston Hall Leisure, Ormskirk

You Tube Channel

Created in response to the challenges of Coronavirus restrictions, Penny's homespun channel offers a combination of short instruction videos and longer 60 min class recordings encouraging people to practice yoga alone at home. Sequences range from beginner level to more advanced, so you can choose to move in ways that suit you. They also included a variety of breath exercises and a guided relaxation.

To access the channel


Somatic Wellness TV

You can also find videos by Penny on James Knight's Gentle Somatic Yoga subscription channel.

To find out more


Menstruality Mentoring

Based on the work of Alexandra Pope and Red School, Menstrual and Menopausal Mentoring connects individuals to their innate cyclical wisdom, awakens the possibility of compassionate self-cooperation and sets the foundation for deep spiritual connection with both oneself and the world.

Online or in person

Sliding scale fee of

£60 - £90 per 60 min session

'If you would like to know the depths of your Feminine power, or even if you just want to understand old patterns that you would like to change, definitely try a mentoring session: you won't be disappointed'

- Leanne K, Liverpool

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