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‘Menstruality’ is a term describing the full spectrum of intelligence, healing and power of the menstrual cycle, from menarche to menopause and beyond. It is an initiatory journey of psychological death and rebirth that leads to intimate self knowledge and ever more expanded levels of consciousness. It also names and explores the subtle, mysterious, sacred forces at work within an embodied cycle process, awareness of which invites greater connection with the natural world, with community and with ourselves ...


Menstrual Mentoring

Dialogues, coaching and medicine circles based on the work of Alexandra Pope  and Red School


Utilising concepts such as the Inner Seasons and the Five Chambers of Menstruation, sessions are designed to help clients connect with their innate cyclical wisdom in order to thrive within the complexities and demands of being human.

Suitable for all who are wanting to harness the power of their menstrual rhythms, whatever stage of life.

Please contact Penny for fee options

Concessions available


Yoga Sharing Circle


7.30 - 10.00 pm online

An opportunity to come together and support one another within the context of a soft, cycle-conscious yoga practice. Sessions include menstrual, lunar and seasonal awareness, personal discussion and somatic movement to enliven creativity and life force.

Closed group, currently full

Please get in touch to go on the waiting list 

Minimum commitment of 3 months, £30

“What happens most deeply inside you is worthy of your whole love.” - Rainer Maria Rilke


"I find Penny to be a natural mentor. She guides and listens with such compassion and responds to questions from a place of true depth, drawing generously on her own experience as well as years of reading and study. I always come away from her sessions feeling inspired, nurtured and full of heart." - Tracey C

“I have really enjoyed participating in the Yoga Circle. I have so much love for all who come and have felt heard, nurtured and supported. Penny has created something very special - a space to share deeply amongst wise and compassionate women. And of course the most wonderful yoga I ever practice.” - Claire E

“Penny has a real gift for meeting both light and shadow with solidity and tenderness. Things have become both subtly and significantly different since I began my mentoring sessions. I am really grateful.” - Sara P

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