"Six months ago I was suffering agonizing neck pain from cervical spondylosis, which my doctor told me was incurable. Depressed and demoralized, I started having private yoga sessions as well as attending a regular class and was amazed at how quickly my neck pain lessened. Now I only have the occasional flare up and generally feel much better. I told my doctor about the improvement and he didn't believe me!" - Stephanie G, Ormskirk

"I enjoyed my first class very much. It was completely different to what I was expecting, but I've never felt so relaxed as I did afterwards and I slept like a log that night." - Sarah H, Skelmersdale


"I find Penny to be a natural facilitator and teacher. She teaches and listens with such compassion and responds to questions from a place of true depth, drawing generously on her own experience as well as years of reading and study. I always come away from her workshops feeling inspired, nurtured and full of heart. With a light and playful touch, she offers a creative space in which we can come together as women, in all our beauty and brokenness, and reconnect to whatever it is that will make us stronger and more alive. I feel very, very grateful to have found these Saturday Sanctuary events." - Tracey C, Skelmersdale

"I went to see my physio yesterday and she was really pleased with the progress I've made. She said that yoga practice has undoubtedly helped speed recovery of my knee injury - my mobility has improved dramatically. I'm hoping to be discharged from the clinic after my next visit." - Jacqui F, Bootle

'I have really enjoyed participating in the Monthly Yoga Circle. I have felt heard, nurtured and supported, so thank you - I have so much love for all who come. Penny, you have created something very special - a space to share deeply amongst wise and compassionate women. And of course the most wonderful yoga I ever practice.' - Claire E, Chorley

"To be honest, I didn't think you could do very much to help the healing process after I shattered my shoulder and ribs, but I was completely wrong - you helped me enormously through a very difficult and painful time. I came out of each session feeling happier, stronger, in less pain and always with a light heart and sense of achievement. I feel grateful and fortunate to have experienced your knowledge and wisdom. I think it would be wonderful if Yoga Therapy were recognized and available on the NHS! Hospital physio just didn't compare." - Alan M, Skelmersdale

“I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the Women's Circle last night! I honestly didn't think such a space existed. It was lovely to meet everyone. Sounds strange, but I woke up this morning feeling liberated and stronger than I've felt in a long time. Thank you!” - Heather J, Ormskirk

"Could an overweight 54 year old male with high blood pressure and chronic anxiety due to autism be able to drop off the numbing cornucopia of drugs I was taking just to function? Yes! After only a few private sessions, I have been able to drop my medications right down and in some cases have stopped taking them altogether (after a GP review). My anxiety levels have decreased, my stress eating has reduced considerably, my mind is clearer and I feel more purposeful in daily life. I feel a lot more in control and aware, I can switch off more easily and I am much less stiff throughout my whole body. Yoga therapy has given me tools with which to manage scenarios that are considered 'normal', but which autism makes difficult. Because of this I am now certain that yoga will be an integral part of my life and future wellbeing. I am lucky to have found such an accepting and understanding teacher, a true motivator for someone out of the box like me." - Martin H, Appley Bridge

"Penny's Saturday Sanctuary workshops take place in a warm and caring environment in which participants can engage and explore concepts and ideas in complete safety There is the time and space in which to think, discuss and share with humour and compassion. Her skilled, gentle, welcoming and positive encouragements facilitate expertly, making the experiences personal and lasting. A combination of asanas and space to reflect on 'self' gives variety and challenge. The hours pass very quickly and we leave with far far more than we came with." - Anne R, Wigan

"I awoke one morning 8 months ago with an acute pain in my upper back and shoulders which radiated round to the front on the right side. The GP told me that it was muscular and that he would refer me to a physio. Whilst waiting for the appointment, I decided to take matters into my own hands and was lucky to find Penny's website. I attended a private consultation with her and was given specific yoga exercises to do at home. I had been in constant pain for four months by this time. When the physio appointment finally came through, it wasn't much help. But I can honestly say that the relief I felt during and after doing the yoga exercises was tremendous. I continued to practice every day and slowly felt better and better. This week I attended one of Penny's drop in classes and was surprised to be able to do nearly all of the routine. I feel so lucky to have found this type of therapeutic yoga: to me, it is amazing." - Shelia G, Skelmersdale

“I just wanted to say thank you for the lovely Saturday Sanctuary session yesterday. I really enjoyed it. I've never experienced yoga before but found the workshop really relaxing. I have been suffering from work related stress for the past few months. The afternoon was very informative and has helped me to feel a little more positive and mindful. I particularly liked how you made me so aware of breathing as this is something which I am struggling with at the moment.” - Jane W, Wigan

"I have attended Penny's wonderfully therapeutic classes since 2009. They have aided me to mindfully observe my own health and wellbeing in both a physical and emotional sense. To learn to intuitively listen to your inner self and pay heed to what you need is extremely beneficial. Penny has a delightful way of teaching! I thoroughly enjoy her classes." - Ann R, Skelmersdale

"Since I started having Well Woman private sessions, my stress incontinence has gone and my consultant says I no longer need surgery to fix my prolapsed uterus! I've also been taking care of myself more - painting, making pottery and having life coaching. I really enjoy the exercises - they make me feel great. And if I don't do them, my symptoms soon come back." - Elaine D, Parbold


"You've managed to name all the issues I've been struggling with recently but haven't been able to articulate. I've come to Yoga Therapy as a last resort to help heal my ongoing hip and joint problems and think I might be on to something! Learning to let go and relax is so important when trying to deal with chronic pain. Thank you for showing me how." - Monica G, Burscough

"The Saturday Sanctuary was lovely - you made me feel very welcome. I felt safe, supported and valued, which allowed me to be open and truthful about myself, and to be heard. Since the workshop I have been spending time in meditation and self healing (Reiki), and practising more yoga at home. This is a great help in accepting myself. Thanks again." - Pam W, Southport

"The girls that I work with have noticed a difference in me since starting yoga - one of them said I looked happier and ... wait for it ... younger!!! I actually feel brilliant." - Kate B, Skelmersdale


“The Yoga and Menstruality session you guided me through in the Summer has continued to enrich my life and my home practice is developing nicely. I now feel I have the confidence, and freedom perhaps, to get out my mat, meet myself on it and explore. Reflecting back to how I approached yoga before meeting you, it was very much something that I "did to myself", now it feels much more like something that moves through me.” - Lynne W, Manchester


"I like to come no matter how bad I'm feeling, as I always learn something valuable, particularly about the breath and how it can be used to manage pain or stress." - Mary J, Skelmersdale


"I'd like to say a very heartfelt thank you - your classes are fantastic! And they've got me through some very 'trying' times with the menopause/anxiety - your expertise is much appreciated." - Sue P, Ormskirk

"Penny's workshop really inspired me to think about myself in a different light, as a woman who is part of the natural world, who flows with the natural cycles of life rather than just a student who's struggling to keep her head above water. My partner even commented on how 'vibrant' I was afterwards and I've already gained so much self confidence, just from one session!" - Leanne K, Liverpool

"I suffer from back pain and find most forms of exercise difficult, but I always leave these yoga classes feeling pain free." - Barry C, Wigan  

"After even just a few classes, I've been much more attentive to my posture, standing with awareness and even sitting up straight in meditation! My frozen shoulder is beginning to loosen up too." - Demi M, Skelmersdale

"When I joined your yoga-magic, my (arthritic) wrists were aching, moving the thumbs away from the fingers was really painful and knuckles were just as bad. Now all that remains is some swelling in some knuckles and faint pain now and then. I'm thrilled and continue doing all I know that helps. But don't worry, when I feel discomfort or pain, I release the posture, shake the hands or ask for help!" - Mabel S, Skelmersdale

"I've been looking for a sense of community in my local area for years, but it wasn't until coming to this monthly group that I actually found it. It's great to have a circle of women to call on for support!" - Tracey C, Skelmersdale

"Many thanks for your wonderful leadership, and quiet, intelligent, gentle approach. I very much look forward to doing future workshops with you.” - Mary M, Skelmersdale