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We live in a culture that has forgotten the basic needs of the soul. We value the intellect over the heart and think it enough to celebrate material gain and productivity alone. Rites of passage are skimmed over and we are expected to make our way in the world through sheer force of will, separating ourselves from subtlety, nuance or the workings of the Great Mystery. Ritual and ceremony are the antidote to this ...  

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Menarche and Menopause

Personalised ceremonies honouring the significance of these often overlooked points of transition. Whether they are performed in retrospect or real time, rituals marking key menstrual moments are radical acts of reclamation and healing, restoring not only personal strength and power, but reestablishing the cycle as both sacred and central.


​Fees negotiable depending on requirements, @ £150 - £250 per ceremonial package

Seasons & Thresholds

To ritually acknowledge the changing seasons of the year is to live embedded within the rhythms of nature. Winter and Summer Solstice, Spring and Autumn Equinox each bring with them a particular energetic that can be harnessed and optimised for greater personal connection with life when marked with ceremony.

The thresholds of beginning and ending as expressed through acquisition and loss are also potent moments when ritual can be of great value. Please contact Penny to discuss possibilities. 

Fees negotiable depending on requirements, 

@ £150 - £250 per ceremonial package


“Ritual helps us remember and establish our inner rhythms and to place them once again in accord with the deeper cadence of our soul. It restores our psychic foundations and breaks us open to a vast and more enchanted world.” - Francis Weller


“My menarche ceremony was utterly transformative and healing. Penny's attention to detail bringing meaning and beauty to the ritual was extraordinary. I felt whole heartedly witnessed, celebrated and affirmed. Through it I have been given permission to be my unique self and to express my creativity and sexuality in the world. This is profound work.” - Helen C

“The ceremony was lovely. I felt welcome, safe, supported, valued, which allowed me to be open and truthful about myself, and to be heard. It has been a great help in accepting myself." - Pam W

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