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Somatic Yoga

Somatics is the term used to describe approaches to movement that focus on the 'soma', or the body perceived from within. Somatic yoga values inner experience over outer form, encouraging practitioners to come into a state of meditative calm as the mind withdraws from distraction and focuses on sensing and feeling present moment sensation ...


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Online Classes

MONDAY 7.30 pm 

Click here to join with zoom

FRIDAY 10.15 am 

Click here to join with zoom

60 mins

Suggested fee £6, or payment by donation

Please contact Penny for details


Suitable for all, everyone welcome

Private Sessions

Online or In Person

30, 45 or 60 min sessions

Includes a combination of yoga therapy, somatic exercise, breath work, relaxation techniques and spiritual mentoring.

£45 an hour Penny's home studio

£55  an hour client's home

£15 fee for cancellations within 24 hours

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YouTube Channel

Practice in your own time by accessing the Yoga & Somatics with Penny Jane Fuller YouTube channel. Offering a variety of sequences from hour-long classes to short sessions, the videos are the perfect way to target exercises to your specific needs.

"The human body at peace with itself is more precious than the rarest gem."

Je T songkapa, 14th century


"Penny has a delightful way of teaching! I thoroughly enjoy her classes." - Ann R

"Six months ago I was suffering agonizing neck pain from cervical spondylosis, which my doctor told me was incurable. Depressed and demoralized, I started having private yoga sessions as well as attending a regular class and was amazed at how quickly my neck pain lessened. Now I only have the occasional flare up and generally feel much better. I told my doctor about the improvement and he didn't believe me!" - Stephanie G

“I love the depth at which Penny works physically, emotionally and spiritually. These yoga sessions are helping to release long held tension and stress from my muscular system. Years of it!! I find them very supportive.” - Sarah C

"To be honest, I didn't think much could be done to help the healing process after I shattered my shoulder and ribs, but I was completely wrong - Penny helped me enormously through a very difficult and painful time. I came out of each session feeling happier, stronger, in less pain and always with a light heart and sense of achievement. I feel grateful and fortunate to have experienced her knowledge and wisdom. I think it would be wonderful if Yoga Therapy were recognised and available on the NHS. Hospital physio just didn't compare." - Alan M

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